Realising your next bold move Sale Advisor to Scribbrand its shareholders
March 10, 2022


Early 2021 the shareholders Scribbr sat down with the team of Park 56 to discuss the rapidly changing developments in #edtech and the implications for their business.

Amsterdam-based Scribbr, founded in 2012 and bootstrapped ever since, has shown incredible growth by servicing thousands of students around the globe each day with innovative writing solutions, a widely-used content library and powerful citations tools. In 2019, Scribbr won the Oryx award as one of the fast growing Dutch companies.

The shareholders realised that embarking on the next phase of growth required them to join forces to support students with even better tools and products and they asked Park 56 to support them on this journey given our network and our detailed understanding of the tech and media space. We are incredibly proud we helped them sell Scribbr to edtech unicorn Course Hero, creating an even stronger powerhouse of writing and study tools.

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