Our team

The Park 56 team has extensive management experience in international media and technology companies and a background in investment banking, finance and corporate innovation projects.

  • Milan Wielinga

    Milan Wielinga

    Managing Partner

    Milan has over 25 years of managerial experience in international banking and business. Milan keeps the energy levels high. He is creative, entrepreneurial, optimistic, reliable and loves to work in partnership. His vast experience enables him to execute and close projects successfully whilst keepin...

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  • Koen Gulen

    Koen Gulen

    Managing Partner

    Koen has over 15 years of experience in international business and finance with a focus on the tech and media space. Prior to joining Park 56, Koen was a member of the executive team at Springer Nature, a leading international professional media company with €1.5bn+ revenue and 9,000+ staff, where h...

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  • Martijn Roelandse PhD

    Martijn Roelandse PhD


    Martijn has over 20 years of scholarly publishing and bio-medical research experience. He did his PhD in Basel, Switzerland. Martijn is driven by a huge curiosity for technology and is an expert in building bridges between start-ups and corporates and is the driving force behind the partnership betw...

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