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Corporate finance and strategy solutions based on solid management expertise

The Park 56 team has extensive management experience in international media and technology companies – and we have seen too many shiny PowerPoint presentations with unrealistic projections and unsophisticated ‘one-size-fits-all’ project proposals, seldom tailored to the true needs of the client.

We aim to be different

We created Park 56 with insights from our time in M&A, finance, corporate development and management roles. We understand the complexity, interests and the emotions because we have been where you are: we sold businesses we were responsible for as leaders and projected-managed multiple exits initiated by our shareholders. As managers we turned our ideas into innovative technology products. We took pride in what we did and each project was handled with great care, diligence and teamwork.

We will never underestimate the pressure on the shoulders of management and shareholders to ensure these projects are successfully closed and are here to help. We learned to keep cool, set priorities and get the job done.

Open our network of trusted contacts for you

We act for entrepreneurs, investors, family-owned businesses, and boards. With our experience, insight, and international network of trusted contacts with trade, private equity and venture capitalists, we will help you realise your next bold move. We will support you with an acquisition, merger or exit strategy, or accelerate your innovation strategy through a technology partnership.

Bringing energy and a new perspective to the table

We are curious about your needs and desires and will present you with creative and practical solutions and a new, fresh perspective.

Each of us is energetic and optimistic without being naive. We are open and keep things light without losing focus. As a firm, we stand for 100% dedication, professionalism, and integrity, and we are fully independent.

Meet us in the park

A park is a place where people come to walk, play sports, sit on a bench to watch people passing by or have a coffee at the local park cafe with a friend, a colleague or a client. It is often a place where you find new energy and inspiration, the reason why we branded our firm Park 56. It suits well with what we aim for.

We hope to meet you in the park, or anywhere else, to discuss your next bold move.

Meet our team

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