Martijn Roelandse PhD

  • Martijn Roelandse PhD

    Martijn Roelandse PhD


    Martijn has over 20 years of scholarly publishing and bio-medical research experience. He did his PhD in Basel, Switzerland. Martijn is driven by a huge curiosity for technology and is an expert in building bridges between start-ups and corporates and is the driving force behind the partnership between The Next Web and Park 56. Martijn articulates well and energises development teams into well-oiled machines who work on the client’s product vision and frequently suggests new and valuable features himself. Over the years Martijn has:

    • Led large partnership scouting and innovation programs for international media companies
    • Coached multiple start-ups including SciScore and Rockstart’s Digital Health Incubator

    After working hours, Martijn is a keen amateur chef and enjoys a glass of good whisky.

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