Realising your next bold move Strategic Partnership Advisor to BMJ
29 september 2022


Earlier this year we were approached by  Anca Babor of  BMJ to help them objectively validate the fit with with Overton as a co-development partner. Our assignment was to use an objective set of criteria to assess the potential of this partnership. To this end, we ran an extensive market study together with  TNW, a global media company with strong coverage of start-ups and scales up, and assessed  Overton as part of the research landscape, against several other players. We identified Overton as the best strategic fit for BMJ to surface more clearly the real-world impact of medical and health research. Based on these results, BMJ concluded an agreement with Overton and announced their strategic partnership earlier this month.

It was great working with the BMJ team:  Anca BaborLuisa Dillner, Michelle Philips, and  Tanya Rice and congrats to all, including  Euan Adie of Overton. As with various other projects this year, Park 56 teamed up with The Next Web for their valuable insights in the global startup and scale-up market. Many thanks to  Asena KessafErik Strooper, and  Arno Nijhof

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